Program dan Aktiviti Lepas PEMANGKIN

Short Film Screenings: Ordinary Malaysians, Extraordinary Impact

Ordinary Malaysians can contribute into making a better Malaysia – raising awareness, the importance of the civil society involving in NGOs and creating a space for deliberate discussions on current and national issues in the country. This short film screenings showcased seven films and after each film screenings, small discussions took place among the participants whereby they would share their experiences related to the issues highlighted in the films.

Short films showcased:

  1. “HAIKAL” by TheSaladShow.
    This film highlighted the underlying struggles that exist in the mix race community, whereby Haikal, who can’t fit in among his Malay and Chinese peers just because he is neither Chinese or Malay. Coming from a background of a Malay father and a Chinese mother, Haikal is confused with his racial identity.
  2. “Combating Sickness with Food Waste” by PassionPotraits.
    FOLO, known as Feed Our Loved Ones, is an urban farming community that is committed to reduce waste. They collect food waste from hotels and restaurants and turning it into compost. The compost are then used as fertilizers to grow vegetables for their community.
  3. “Our Hero: The Black Soldier Fly”, by WormingUp Malaysia.
    This short film showcased the passion of a young girl in Kuching, determined to educate the public on the concept of sustainable waste management.
  4. “Women Empowerment” from Purple Lily.
    The film showed projects conducted by Purple Lily where they are committed to inspire and empower women and girls to thrive and shine by providing life skills training and financial education.
  5. “My Story, My Life” from SACS.
    This film consisted of different individuals sharing their stories and experiences as well as the struggles they faced as they came to know they were diagnose with HIV.
  6. “Story of ROSE” from ROSE.
    The film highlighted the different projects ROSE had undertook to create awareness empowering the rural communities in Sarawak. There are currently 3 main projects ROSE is conducting; voter registration, civic and voter education and election participation through Polling Agent and Counting Agent (PACA) training.
  7. “Unity in Diversity” by Studio 2 Choral Speakers.

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