Program dan Aktiviti

Ikuti perkembangan acara, bengkel dan latihan semasa kami di sini.

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Road to Nationhood’ Democracy Workshops

We were in Sibu and Kuching with members from Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), a component party of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS).

Democracy and Electoral Reform in New Malaysia

We went to Sabah and held a democracy workshop together with members of Democractic Action Party (DAP) of Sabah.

FreedomFilmFest: KUCHING 2019

“Harga Naik, Gaji Maintain” were the theme for Freedom Film Festival this year which draws attention on the rising cost of living while wages remain low among most Malaysians.

Ordinary Malaysians, Extraordinary Impact

A short film screening were held in Kuching with one question in mind – How does an ordinary Malaysians can contribute into making a better Malaysia?

Lights! Camera! Action!: Belia Wanita in Action!

We went live on Youtube together with Apa Kata Wanita Orang Asli and screened their new short films; Selai Kayu Yek and Klinik Ku Hutan.

Spill the tea: Empowering Young Indigenous Women in Sarawak

We invited Taro and Celine to share their experience what it is like being a woman working in the most rural part of Sarawak.

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